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Discover and Be Discovered.

The all-in-one artist solution powered by web3 to provide industry leading tools, technology and services that empower independent artists to connect with super-fans.




More Than Just a Streaming Service.

Ribo provides each artist with a dedicated suite of label services, Artist Development Agents, and Publishing Administration.

Design Services

Social media, Merch, Website, and more.

Artist Development

We provide managers and A&R to help you take the next leap in your career.

Sponsorships and Rewards

Develop brand partnerships and get discounts, equipment, software, and studio time.

All-In-One Financial Tracking

Monitor and track Royalties across DSPs, NFT Marketplaces, and more

License your Music to Film

Ribo has a strong relationship with American Picture House, a mid-large budget production company.  movies.

Booking Services

Get on the lineup for local shows, tours, opening slots, and festivals.

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We Go Everywhere That Your Fans Go.

On Ribo, your fans get opportunity to engage with exclusive content and releases only in the Ribo app, while still offering the industry's lowest distribution cost for every other DSP and streaming service for the rest of your catalog.


Exclusive Content Designed to Cultivate Super-Fans.

We aim to provide indie super-fans the opportunity to form close relationships with their favorite artists by only hosting exclusive content that can't be heard ANYWHERE else.

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Web3 Simplified.

Ribo empowers the artist to monetize their art with our own FINRA approved marketplace that allows artists to seamlessly mint and list NFTs, Royalty Tokens, Royalty Smart Contracts and Crowdfunded Artist Campaigns, all without the need for knowledge of blockchain or web3.

Mint, Create and Store Your Assets.

Ribo provides a no-code user experience to mint and list NFTs without any knowledge of blockchain or web3.

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Manage Splits With Collaborators.

Assign shares to your contributors and administer custody of rights and royalty splits of your creative works with partners.

Get Paid Automatically.

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Easily define multi-party splits at an asset level, process royalty payments to token holders and distribute money to a smart contract address.


Get Started Now.

What are you waiting for? We're actively scouting for artists and fans. Join us in reshaping independent artist equity.

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